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The three simple high-limit slots tactics I’ve detailed here are only meant to show out that the winning strategies you’ve worked hard to find at your regular casino may be leveraged and perhaps optimized in the slots area with no risk. This is because the rewards in the high-limit slots region are much greater than the payouts in the lower-limit slots sector.

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The 5-Spin Strategy Helps Me Win Big at High-Deposit Slot Machines

By using my powers of observation, we was able to pick up on a fascinating pattern at a casino that fell into the lower size category. At the table in this neighborhood casino, we observed that we would win once, and then go without another victory for a time.

This tactic is what we call the joker123 terbaru 5-Spin Method. Using this tactic, we may take advantage of a common method used by many casinos, in which they provide a little taste of winning before the real action begins.

It seemed unusual to me that we would win a jackpot within the first few strokes of the button everytime we played in the high-limit slots area of this modest, local casino during the first dozen times that we visited that portion of the casino. However, doing so would cause me to waste tens of thousands of dollars without gaining any further hits.

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You shouldn’t worry too much about how much money we was spending in download apk 123, by the way. we didn’t know it at the time, but for every $100 we spent over the course of those three months, we got another entry into a lottery for a car, which we eventually won.

With this new strategy, we will be combining two of my previous methods.

Let’s go back to the beginning of the tale and evaluate what we learned and how we discovered it. we even managed to start up a talk with one of the workers manning the slot machines at the time. During that instructive talk, we enquired about the times when folks were winning jackpots and the machines on which they were doing so.

The helpful slot attendant told me about a player who had just swept the high-limit slot area of the casino, earning a string of eight jackpots at consecutive machines. This strategy, to say the least, caught my curiosity quite a bit, and since then I’ve been working on combining it with the win, then walk away, and return Later plan while also attempting to play each machine up to five times. Just allowed me to calculate that the annual return for this one strategy was 150% more than my original investment.

Even though we had been using this method for the last four months since this casino started, we estimated that it would take another year before we could be certain that the results were not a fluke or the result of insufficient data.


This is the main reason why my subscriber base on YouTube is growing so quickly. Many slot players who are interested in seeing these features for themselves resort to Google to learn more. Try to track down Professor Slots; he knows what’s going on and can explain it.