Betting on cricket may be a thrilling way to spice up watching the match. Before risking a lot of money, it’s crucial for novices to start modest with understanding the fundamentals. You’ll be sharing 5 easy techniques in this article to help novice cricket bettors increase their odds of winning bets by making educated judgments. According to the icc world cup points table 2023, These pointers will help you win betting, As it is a center for examining the form of teammates and opponents, injuries, drive, pitch conditions, and returning top performers. Now let’s get to the advice.

Second-class athletes 

Due to experience as well as competence, well-established performers often deliver over time. In comparison to rookies, players who have established themselves over a long period of time in regional as well as global cricket tend to be more reliable and capable of handling pressure. Players such as Steve Smith, Kane Williamson, and Virat Kohli, for instance, are frequently able to find methods to score runs whenever the team is having trouble. Choosing to wager on these established victors of matches lowers the risk in comparison to supporting individuals who have not yet solidified their spot in the national squad. Their experience playing under pressure situations gives them an edge over less experienced players.

A further thing to think about is the player’s track record at home. When on a home ground, batsmen tend to score more easily than when on a tour abroad. Playing at home also makes it easier for bowlers to take wickets. It is possible to determine whether players perform better at home by comparing their home and away stats. As a result, they are a safer wager than players traveling to unfamiliar environments. Backing established performers who have a proven track record of success on their home pitches can give betters a better chance of winning their wagers.

Check injury updates

Minor knocks and niggles can also impact performance if not fully healed. While players may try to play through pain, this can limit their effectiveness on the field. It’s wise to be cautious betting on players carrying any injuries, even if deemed fit to play. Taking an extra day or two to check that injury issues have fully resolved before placing bets can make a big difference. Minor ailments have a way of becoming major problems if aggravated. Playing it safe by avoiding bets on recently injured athletes is usually the best approach to avoid unnecessary losses.

Bets on injured players can be risky as their form and fitness will be affected. Even if they are rushing back from injury to play an important match, they may lack full match sharpness and be more prone to re-injury. It is therefore important to check for official injury updates from team management before placing bets. Some signs that a player may not be fully fit include being held back from full training, looking restricted in movement during practice or being unable to complete a full match in a warm-up or domestic game prior to the important fixture. Late withdrawals on account of injury or lack of full recovery can result in lost bets. Taking note of any injury concerns and only betting on fully fit players helps reduce this risk factor.

Watch out for motivation levels

The level of motivation and intensity shown by players can vary depending on the importance and context of the match. Big international matches, clashes between arch-rivals or crucial games that decide qualification to the knockouts usually see both teams try harder and raise their game. However, the same intensity may be missing in inconsequential league matches when the series or tournament is already won or lost. 

Bets on less motivated sides playing such dead rubbers are risky even if they are otherwise the stronger team on paper. On the other hand, betting on a team that has everything to play for brings the advantage that the players will leave everything out on the field. Checking the context and importance of the fixture from a motivational perspective before placing bets can tilt the odds in your favour.

Consider recent form 

A player or team’s recent performances offer valuable clues about current form and confidence levels. All teams and players have good and bad patches. Those in red-hot form and on a winning streak have the momentum with them to carry on the good work. In contrast, betting on players struggling for runs or teams on a losing skid increases the chances of the slump continuing.

It is wise to back players who have scores or taken wickets consistently in the last few matches. Similarly at a team level, backing the side that has been winning most recently poses less risk than betting against the form side. Checking scores and results of the last 3-5 matches for both teams and key players provides a good indicator of current tendencies. This simple tip can help identify who to back based on the trend of recent performances.

Check the pitch and conditions

The nature of the pitch for the match along with weather conditions can impact the result. Pitches that offer bounce and seam movement usually aid fast bowlers as the ball does more off the surface. In contrast, flat, batting-friendly tracks make scoring easier and play into the hands of batsmen and spinners.

Some players perform better based on home or away conditions. For example, spinners may have more success on turning tracks at home compared to seaming pitches overseas. It is prudent to consider these factors before betting and back players/teams whose skills suit the prevailing surface. Checking pitch reports and weather forecasts issued by experts can help gauge this advantage before locking in your bets.


Simple tips like backing proven performers, checking injury updates, analyzing motivation levels and pitch conditions, and factoring in recent form trends can help beginner cricket bettors make more informed choices. Of course, there’s still a certain amount of chance. But following these basic online cricket betting free tips increases the odds of picks being on the right side of the result more often than not. The key is to start small, learn from experience and not chase losses by increasing bets. Over time, even small gains can add up as skills improve at reading the game better for betting purposes.

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