We want to provide bettors the guidance that would have been helpful to me when I first started making wagers on sports events. I think you’ll find that none of these strategies are very complicated to adopt, and that many of them are simple techniques that might increase your income over time.

Use many sportsbooks to compare odds and choose the best one for you.

Those interested in obtaining the most for their money should utilise many different sportsbooks. This is similar to the method in which people shop around for the greatest prices. Bets on the spread and total can vary by half a point to a full point from one sportsbook to the next. This may not seem like much, but it may have a big impact on your long-term anticipation and performance as a bettor while you are waiting around key numbers (see tip #2). It’s incredible how often a bet is decided by a margin of victory of just half a point. As with the books, the juice may vary. A spread can have a Moneyline of -110 at certain sportsbooks and -115 at others. However little the margin may seem now, it will grow to be rather large over time.

There is the potential for additional volatility in gambling on propositions and team totals, and this may be exploited in a variety of ways. Pick a number that falls somewhere in the centre, or pick the best of the two options. For a sports bettor to be successful, having access to many bookies is crucial.

It’s important to focus on achieving success in smaller markets.

Maybe this is the most crucial point I make in the whole blog. It is often regarded as among the most cutthroat industries in the sporting world. Including wagers on Sunday spreads or totals as part of your “strategy” is a certain way to lose money at the casino. Where should you put your money now?

One of my favourite pastimes is placing bets on player props since this is a profitable market. That’s common knowledge among many of you. There was no difficulty in making the transition from fantasy football to the player prop market since lines are a far less efficient betting approach than spreads or totals. I think it’s one of the few markets where you can get forecasts that are more accurate than the market itself, and they’re very easy to get your hands on.

Our thesis is that savvy participants in fantasy sports communities often provide projections that are competitive with or better than those generated by bookies. Bookies’ recognition of the existence of customers willing to invest more time every week into producing accurate estimations is an exciting new development. Therefore, they have chosen to loosen up on the rules around player prop bets and not worry too much about it. It won’t even amount to a significant portion of their handle, no matter what they do (total bets they take). Choosing the Casino Terms Glossary can be useful for you here.



Some individuals think that you should stay away from smaller markets since they are easier to exploit. To return to the first piece of advice in this part, having access to a large number of books is crucial. Consider that at a normal sportsbook, a single player proposition wager can never exceed $200. If the reward is under $200, then it may not be worth your time to put in a lot of research.


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