Smooth and fun game play is guaranteed with proper casino etiquette. To navigate their way confidently and respectfully in the gaming area, it’s essential for gamblers to understand and conduct themselves accordingly in relation to Lotus365, India’s top betting platform. This blog will highlight some basic rules that should be observed while playing at the gambling table.

Do’s at the Gaming Table

Know the Rules:

Do: Understand what you are doing before you start betting. Knowing how the game works helps you enjoy playing it more effectively as well as eliminating disturbances.

Example: Prior to joining any blackjack table ensure you know when to hit or stand, split or double down

Respect Dealers and other Gamers:

Do: Display politeness when dealing with dealers and players. By creating a conducive environment for all people present, courtesy becomes an important aspect.

Example: Say “hello” to them; do not use offensive words while speaking & congratulate them whenever they win something.

Give Tips to The Dealer:

Do: It is traditional for punters that they should tip dealers especially when one wins. This acknowledges their services and promotes a positive atmosphere for gambling.

Example: In games like poker or blackjack, tipping part of your winnings is customary.

Handle Your Chips Correctly:

Do: Carefully stack your chips in an orderly fashion on the table whenever placing bets. Through chip management, other players can read your moves easily so that dealer gets along with ease.

Example: Stack them into piles that are clearly visible from across the table whenever laying bets except place them in front of yourself.

Observe Table Limits:

Do : Take note of minimum-bets & maximum-bets restrictions set by a particular gambling establishment. Players should comply with these limits so there will be no misunderstandings concerning their play which is fair enough if abided by properly.

Example : All your bets should be equal to or more than ₹100 if the table minimum is set at such level.

Mind the Dress Code:

Do: When visiting a casino, ensure you dress appropriately according to its dress code requirements. Every casino may require different clothing depending on whether it is formal or informal

Example: While some higher-end casinos may have a strict dress code, others are more relaxed. Check out their website for directions on what to wear.

Don’ts at the Gaming Table

Don’t Interfere with Your Winnings before Hand’s Over:

Don’t: Never touch your winnings and/or chips unless the dealer has called hand over! Mishandling chips can make you lose track of them and interfere with proceedings on a table.

Example: Wait until the dealer pays out winning bets and picks up losing ones before touching your chips in blackjack.

Stop Giving Unwanted Advice:

Don’t: Giving other players advice that they did not ask for may irritate them and stop their play. It is good to let people play their hands as they wish.

Example: If another player makes a move you wouldn’t make yourself do not comment unless she or he asks for advice.

Avoid Phones:

Don’t: It’s generally inappropriate to use phones while playing cards at a table in casinos. This might distract you and contravene casino rules

Example : Step away from a game whenever you need to take a call or send somebody a message on the phone.

Blame Dealers for Your Losses:

Don’t: When things aren’t going well, don’t yell at the dealer. The outcome of games does not depend upon dealers’ actions

Example : Hold it together when on that unlucky streak; remember this is all part of the game.

A Player Shouldn’t Take Up Too Much Space At The Table.

Don’t: If the casino is crowded, do not take a seat unless you are in play. This will enable others to participate.

Example: Do not sit at the table when you’re on break so that other players can have turns.

Don’t Cheat or Use Deceptive Practices:

Don’t: Cheating, as well as being wrong, is illegal. Always be honest and respect the rules of play.

Example: Examples of such malpractices include activities like card marking, hiding chips or collusion with other players.


If you want to have fun while playing games in a casino, it is necessary that proper etiquette must be followed. Players on Lotus365 can enjoy positive and engaging atmospheres by knowing what they should observe and avoid at the gambling tables. Why wait yet with just a click away from downloading Lotus365 sports betting and games app today for an awesome gaming experience?

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